Membership Package  $288 (Onetime Software & Consultation Fee )

                                                                        $89.00 per month thereafter

*  Credit Monitoring Services

*  Expert Disputes with TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax

*  Creditor Direct Disputes and Collections Validation

*  24/7 Online Client Portal to Follow Your Progress


Account Negotiation Assistance

  • Negotiate accounts that have been verified, are in default, and have a balance owed.

  • Ensure the negotiation is performed correctly to protect the client and update the credit bureaus.

Student Loan Assistance

  • We will help you with defaulted student loans determine if you qualify for a student loan rehab program, income based repayment plan, or direct federal consolidation program.

  • If you qualifies, we will help you complete your enrollment.

  • We are a private company not affiliated with the Department of Education or the Federal Government.

Affordable Legal Services

  • Legal Plans specific for consumers or businesses dealing with Credit and Debt issues

  • Includes discounted legal services

  • Attorneys licensed in your state

  • Zero out-of-pocket Debt Defense – *no-cost legal representation if you receives a lawsuit for a debt account. Debt Defense also includes the Legal Club services below.

  • Legal Club – Zero out-of-pocket FCRA & FDCPA violation protection programs – You receives penalty awards. Legal Club also includes discounted traditional legal services and other money-saving benefits.


Debt Defense requires a 90-day waiting period for coverage, emergency coverage plans available with a higher initial fee. Legal Club violation protection starts immediately.

*  No Long-Term Contracts

*  Access to our Certified Credit Advisors Monday-Friday

Business Credit Building & Correction $398 (Onetime Software & Consultation Fee )

                                                                                                    $99.00 per month thereafter

  • Assists in establishing business credit profiles with D&B, Experian, and Equifax.

  • Establish or correct business credit for their business.

  • We will complete or advise you on how to complete the following:

    • Performing business compliance and documentation review of your business 

    • Establishing a Dun & Bradstreet file and establish a Dun & Bradstreet rating

    • Goal is to building PAYDEX, Business Score to 80 as quick as possible

    • Establishing a business credit file with Experian Business Information Services

    • Obtaining an Experian Intelliscore number

    • Creating a business credit file with Equifax Small Business Financial Exchange

    • Help you establish accounts that may report to business credit bureaus, including Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, and Equifax’s business department

    • Assist you with business report corrections

    • Evaluate personal credit reports.

      • Depending on client responsiveness, the program typically requires six to twelve months.

      • The client is responsible for any filing, registration, or other miscellaneous fees required to complete the business setup.

  • We help you access multiple revolving credit with limits of $5,000 – $50,000!

  • Access to our Certified Credit Advisors Monday-Friday